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Register your “Days Off” for FREE

Register your ‘Days Off’ / availability to work for FREE in order for Find a Radiographer/ Find a Sonographer to contact you in case a practice needs your services urgently or randomly on either the: same day/ next day or on any random day ahead.

Who can register ‘Days Off’ / availability to work?

  • Radiographers
  • Songraphers
  • Nuclear Medicine Technologists
  • Radiation Therapists
  • Radiologists

You must be currently residing in Australia & meet the Australian standards & qualifications to practice in Australia.

Why should I Register my ‘Days Off’?

  1. Name your rate of pay – since it is your ‘Day Off’ you may name your hourly rate of pay. There are no fees & no cut taken from your rate of pay by Find a Radiographer/ Find a Sonographer  (Most practices are happy to pay an hourly rate which you have named especially if the position is very urgent or there is no one else available to cover)
  2. You will be highly valued  – especially to those desperate practices who really need your services at short notice, when their usual staff has called in sick.
  3. Not obliged to work if you happen to be busy – Even if you have registered as having a certain day off, you are not obliged to work if you happen to have already made plans for a day, which you receive an alert for. Simply decline the offer when you receive a sms alert.
  4. Great look on your CV / resume – being able to mention the fact that you are registered with Find a Radiographer/ Find a Sonographer for any urgent or random positions really shows employers your commitment to work /work flexibility especially at short notice, which is certainly admired by employers.


How to Register your “Days Off” ?

  1. Submit the registration form on this page.
  2. Your name/contact details will remain confidential and will not be visible on this site to others.
  3. Your name/contact details will be used to sms you, when any urgent or random position arises & later given to the relevant practice/company if you are happy to cover the urgent or random request.
  4. IMPORTANT: You must follow your submitted registration form with an email containing your: 
  • CV
  • Graduation Certificate
  • Proof of current registration with APHRA /ASAR.
  • Fully vaccinated COVID 19 certificate


IMPORTANT EMAIL instructions:

  1. Subject your email as:   [Your name” : Registration attachments]
  2. Attach your:  CV, Graduation Certificate  & proof of current registration with APHRA /ASAR (photo) & your fully vaccinated COVID 19 certificate — all in the same one blank email.
  3. Please ensure all attachments are in PDF or JPEG format (not docx)
  4. Please ensure it is a blank email with just the above attachments  (no need to type anything in the actual email as all necessary information has already been provided within the registration form/ the email subject containing your name is sufficient)
  5. Email to:  (sonographers included)
  • Please ensure this email is sent immediately after the online registration form is submitted.
  • Please note a submitted online registration form will NOT be processed without an email containing all of the above outlined documentation.


5. On receiving both your registration form & email – Find a Radiographer will then give you a welcome call.



Already employed FULL TIME with no ‘Days Off’ ?

Already employed full time Radiographers & Sonographers are encouraged to keep in touch with Find a Radiographer whenever they may have periods or days off eg: when the practice needs to close for some reason / or if you are compelled to take compulsory leave. You may still contact Find a Radiographer & a note of your availability (even if limited or random) will be noted.