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Australia’s dedicated job advertising website for Radiographers & Sonographers

Not a recruitment company, but a platform for practices /companies, including recruitment companies to really reach far more Radiographers & Sonographers, via: our social media pathways when an ad is placed.

Offering an unique service of keeping track of Radiographers & Sonographers with “Days Off” in each state of Australia. It allows practices to request a Radiographer or Sonographer to fill-in as a once off, when their usual Radiographer or Sonographer is unable to work or calls in sick eg: same day/ next day or any random day ahead. Free to register, no fees, no cut from pay rates.

Nuclear Medicine Technologist, Radiation Therapist & Radiologist roles are equally supported.

Find a Sonographer is a dedicated division of Find a Radiographer.


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Keeping track
of your days off
in case you are needed!

For Radiographers, Sonographers, Nuclear Medicine Technologists, Radiation Therapists, &Radiologists.

Find a Radiographer

Offers 3 main services:

(1) To advertise positions from the Radiography & Sonography industry via our dedicated website job listing page PLUS via our social media pages (Facebook, Linkedin (2 locations), Twitter, Instagram). Applicants apply directly to the contact details within the ad.

(2) An Urgent or Random Request Service: when your usual Radiographer/ Sonographer calls in sick or is unable to work. Requests can be made for the: same day/ next day or any random day/s ahead.

(3) Radiographers/ Sonographers to register their 'Days Off' in order to be notified in case they are needed urgently or randomly at another practice, which coincides with their "Day Off'

NO CUT from rates of pay / NO fees to register "Days Off"

All the above is also applicable to: Nuclear Medicine Technologists & Radiation Therapists.


Unfortunately, i won't be able to work next Wednesday! - something urgent has come up! .... I feel so bad, as i know the clinic is always so hectic on Wednesdays & there's no one to cover me!


Don't feel bad - contact Find a Radiographer & we will endeavor to locate a Sonographer to fill in for you for next Wednesday.


HELP ! Our Radiographer has just called in sick !! it will be a nightmare to reschedule todays full list of patients !!


Contact Find a Radiographer & we will endeavor to have a Radiographer to come in ASAP and cover today!


I have Tuesdays & every second Thursday off, but would really like to be working more


Register for FREE with Find a Radiographer & whenever an urgent or random position comes up for a Tuesday or Thursday, you will be notified.

Please see the below live Instagram feeds, showing how we are constantly engaging with our Radiographer & Sonographer audience who follow us on social media every single day!  – Instagram, Linkedin (2 locations), Facebook, Twitter …

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