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How are we different?… How is our reach further?…

Why advertise with us?

Below is an example of a ‘new ad alert’ posted all over social media which is specific to the advertised position on our website listing page.

The below example is one with practice/ company logo incorporation.

A ‘new ad alert’ posted on social media also incorporates a direct link taking viewers directly to the details of the full advertised position on our website.




Points to consider:

  • Your advertised position will be displayed on our dedicated website listing page PLUS 5 locations on social media (Facebook, Linkedin (2 locations), Twitter, Instagram) via: a new ad alert (example above)
  • Your new ad alert will also appear on our live instagram feed, located on our website homepage (towards the bottom)
  • We currently have thousands of Radiographers / Sonographers/ Nuclear Medicine Technologists/ Radiation Therapists & Radiologists from all over Australia, who follow us on our social media pages.
  • This means advertised positions will “come to them” even if they are not actively looking for new positions, which could very well get them thinking once they have been exposed to the advertised position, which shows up on their social media feed as they engage on social media in their everyday lives.
  • Every day more & new Radiographers / Sonographers / Nuclear Medicine Technologists/ Radiation Therapists & Radiologists – connect & follow us on social media.
  • We constantly encourage all Australian qualified Radiographers / Sonographers / Nuclear Medicine Technologists/ Radiation Therapists & Radiologists to follow us even if already happily employed, since you never know when an even bigger or better position just might arise & by staying connected to us, they will always be kept in the loop by constantly being informed with the current positions out there, without having to actively search for new positions.
  • Radiographers / Sonographers / Nuclear Medicine Technologists/ Radiation Therapists & Radiologists have a strong & immediate incline to wanting to connect with us, as we are dedicated just to their professional industry.
  • Those behind the Find a Radiographer / Find a Sonographer platform are from the allied health industry themselves, therefore are well connected within this space / know the industry, hence making our platform not like the other ‘general’ job advertising websites out there.
  • When your company/practice logo is incorporated, not only does it enable your Ad to really stand out on social media, but it is a really great way to show case your business all over social media.
  • For the amount of exposure your Ad will receive & in so many locations, specifically to your target audience – our platform is certainly extremely cost effective & hence the perfect place to advertise.