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Ad placement

  • Ads remain on website for 30 days
  • Payment method via direct bank deposit, with invoice issued after Ad is placed. (PayPal on request)



$165.00 –  Ad upload to website listing page.

  • May opt to only place an Ad on the website listing page without the below social media option – please email: (Sonographer ads inclusive) immediately after placing an Ad to mention no initial social media circulation & you will be only invoiced $165.00.

$65.00 – Initial social media circulation of a ‘new ad alert’

  • New Ad alert displayed in 5 locations on social media (Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin (in 2 locations) & Facebook) + a 6th location on our LIVE instagram feed located on our website homepage
  • To view an example of a new Ad alert  (specific to an advertised position) please see  ‘Why advertise with us?’   or our LIVE instagram FEED, both located on our homepage.


TOTAL = $230.00  For Standard Ad



$120.00Addition of your practice/ company Logo (additional option)

  • Logo displayed in 5 locations on social media (Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin (in 2 locations) Facebook) + a 6th location on our LIVE instagram feed on our website homepage
  • Enables your new ad alert to really stand out on social media + show cases your business across social media at the same time.

Please email logo, immediately after submitting Ad to: ( For a Sonographer Ad) (For all other Ads)

[smallest PNG version (preferred) or JPEG]


TOTAL = $350.00 For Standard Ad with Logo incorporation 



$30.00 – REPOSTING on social media – Repost your specific ‘new ad alert’ when initial social media circulation is applied.

$30.00 for one repost =  reposting in 5 social media locations (Facebook, Linkedin (2 locations), Twitter, Instagram). If for example you wish to repost on social media (twice) then thats an appearance of your ad in 10 locations ( 2 x 5 social media locations), additional cost = $60.00 (2 x $30.00) OR if you choose to repost on social media (four times) then thats appearance of your ad in 20 locations  (4 x 5 social media locations), additional cost = $120.00 (4 x $30.00).

Reposting is usually carried out within the first week from when the initial ‘new ad alert’ is posted on social media at calculated & varying times to help with maximizing exposure & minimizing the chances of the right applicant from missing it on social media. Practices / companies may express preference of reposting times. More reposts = more exposure of your Ad. Find a Radiographer recommends reposting 5 times, ie: Ad appearance in 25 locations on social media , additional cost = $150.00 (5 x $30.00). You may choose to repost more or less.


Urgent or Random Request

  • FREE to lodge an urgent or random request, when a Radiographer/ Sonographer/ Nuclear Medicine Technologist/ Radiation Therapist is required to fill in just as a once-off.
  • Payment only to be paid once a Radiographer/ Sonographer/ Nuclear Medicine Technologist/ Radiation Therapist is organized.
  • Days may or may not be consecutive / may be completely random with no pattern  [please see: full  ‘terms & conditions’]


$230.00 – for any initial day: ie: same day / next day / or any random day ahead.

$110.00 – for every other day there after, the initial day




International Ad Placement 

 $280.00 (Australian Dollars) – To place an Ad on the Find a Radiographer/ Find a Sonographer website listing page.  Additional options (as above).

  • please contact Find a Radiographer / Find a Sonographer before placing an Ad if located outside of Australia / additional international banking & conversion fees will be applied.





FOR practices/clinics:

Q : Why should I place an ad with Find a Radiographer/ Find a Sonographer?

A: Theres nothing like using a job advertising platform specifically dedicated to your profession – Radiographers/ Sonographers / Nuclear Medicine Technologists/ Radiation Therapists looking for positions will certainly prefer the use of their very own  ‘to-go-to’ job advertising website. With social media circulation your advertised position, it will will reach far more potential applicants including those not actively looking for a new position who may very well consider the position when the ad “comes to them” on social media via: Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram. Please see “Why advertise with us?” – located on our homepage, for more information.

Q : Is Find a Radiographer / Find a Sonographer a recruitment company?

A: No, Find a Radiographer /Find a Sonographer is not a recruitment company, but rather a large national noticeboard, where anyone looking for a Radiographer/ Sonographer/ Nuclear Medicine Technologist / Radiation Therapist role, can simply view our dedicated job listing page & apply directly to the contact details within the ad.

Even for our Urgent or Random Request service, we are not a recruitment company. For this service we simply “keep track” of all the Radiographers & Sonographers in each state with “Days off” & should a practice require a Radiographer or Sonographer on any one-off day (same day/ next day/ or any random day) we can simply refer that Radiographer or Sonographer. No fees are charged to Radiographers or Sonographers & no cut is taken from the Radiographers or Sonographers rate of pay. Fees are only applicable to the practice requesting the Radiographer or Sonographer.

Q : Other than social media, how else does Find a Radiographer / Find a Sonographer establish a strong presence within its target audience?

A: After social media reach, with specific personal invites to Radiographers / Sonographers , Find a Radiographer/ Find a Sonographer also spreads awareness of this website to professional bodies / organisations, universities, seminars & conferences. Every day more & new Radiographers/ Sonographers connect with us & follow us on social media

Q : Why isn't there any 'Apply Now' or 'Apply here' button?

A: Applicants do not apply to positions via our website, they apply directly to the practice via: the contact details within the Ad. Rather than spending time in monitoring how many people apply for any given ad, Find a Radiographer exhausts its time & energy in really spreading awareness of any given position to its target audience, far & wide via: social media. Practices will know the success of placing their ad with Find a Radiographer, by simply asking candidates “How did you find out about this position?”.

Q :Unsure if this position should be posted as a “locum” or should i utilize the ‘Urgent or Random” service?

A: Generally, the ”Urgent or Random” service is when you truly need a Radiographer or Sonographer on the same day, next day or perhaps in the next few days. It can also be useful for those spontaneous one-off days ahead eg: “next month on Tuesday”. Locum positions are more so for days which can be planned ahead with plenty of notice & are generally abit longer in duration eg: maternity leave/holidays. If however, theres a Locum position for a short-time but has plenty of notice eg: “4 days required in 2 months time”, then such a position should be posted on the Locum listing and as a bonus Find a Radiographer can also sms the Radiographers or Sonographers on the urgent listing, at no extra charge (Contact Find a Radiographer if interested in sending an sms, if posting a Locum ad as described).

Q : Is this website equally used for Nuclear Medicine Technologists & Radiation Therapists, since within the logo it says “connecting Radiographers ... connecting Sonographers” .... there's nothing about “Nuclear Medicine Technologists or Radiation Therapists” within the logo?

A: This website has a key focus on Radiographers and Sonographers, however it equally supports & caters for the other 2  strands, ie: Nuclear Medicine Technologists & Radiation Therapists.




FOR Radiographers/Sonographers:

Q: Im actually both a Radiographer & Sonographer & wish to register both my skills for the 'Urgent & Random' listing, but when i register it asks me to specify one or the other?

A: Our database for Radiographers & Songraphers are kept separate. So even though you may be qualified as both, you will have to register twice, first as a Radiographer, then as Sonographer.

Q: I'm surprised that Find a Radiographer does not take any cut from the Radiographers or Sonographers rate of pay, especially for those Urgent or Random one-off positions, theres probably some hidden fees ?

A: Not at all – there are no hidden fees or charges & yes Find a Radiographer receives no cut from the Radiographers or Sonographers rate of pay either. Charges are only to the companies/practices who are requesting the Radiographer or Sonographer

Q: How do i apply thru this website for an advertised position?

A: To apply for any position you must use the contact details provided in the ad & apply directly to the company/practice.

Q: I'm quite comfortable in my current position & have no intension of looking for another position, so i don't really need to connect with Find a Radiographer on social media?

A: Even though you may be pleased in your current position, you never know when something even more pleasing may come up. Therefore don’t be left behind & connect with Find a Radiographer to keep yourself in the loop with not only current job opportunities but all of our interesting social media posts. No harm in staying connected to us.