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Urgent or Random Requests

The Urgent or Random Request service is very useful when you truly need either a Radiographer / Sonographer on the same day, next day or on any random day ahead. This is perfect for when your usual Radiographer / Sonographer calls in sick or is unable to work.

The Urgent or Random Request service is also very handy if you need an interim Radiographer / Sonographer to work, while you wait for responses from a recently placed job ad. This will allow you more time to wait for the right candidate, while not being without a Radiographer / Sonographer.

The Urgent or Random Request service is available to the following 4 professions:

  • Radiographers
  • Sonographers
  • Nuclear Medicine Technologists
  • Radiation Therapists
  • Radiologists


UNDERSTANDING: The ‘Urgent or Random’ Request process


What does the Practice need to do? ….

  1. Submit the: ‘Lodge an Urgent or Random Request Form” (adjacent) – no charge to lodge a request.
  2. Once you click “Lodge” a mobile number will appear for you to call.
  3. Note: you must call this number, in order for the available Radiographer/ Sonographer to be notified. Lodging the online form alone, will not complete the Urgent or Random Request process.

THEN: What will Find a Radiographer do? ….

  1. Find a Radiographer will then sms all the Radiographers / Sonographers who have disclosed their relevant day/s off for that particular requested day/s.
  2. The Radiographer/ Sonographer first to respond and/or is best fit to the clinic requirements will be noted.
  3. Find a Radiographer will then contact the practice & inform them about the Radiographer / Sonographer who can cover. [Note: At this point only a brief outline regarding the Radiographer/Sonographer will be provided eg: “Yes, a Radiographer is available to cover, he has 3 yrs experience & currently working 3 days a week.” No names or contact details will be provided at this point. 
  4. If the practice is happy with the brief outline, the next step is to make payment of this service ( cost outlined below).
  5. On receiving payment or proof of payment, together with a signed email of agreement * [A form provided by Find a Radiographer which needs to be signed by the practice, agreeing that the organized Radiographer/ Songrapher can not be contacted again in future by the practice for any other urgent/ random position without contacting Find a Radiographer first] then the following will be released to the practice on the Radiographer/Sonographer:
  • Graduation Certificate / current registration proof with APHRA / ASAR
  • CV
  •  Email of confirmation from the Radiographer/ Sonographer (to cover the request)

From this point onwards the practice can directly correspond with the Radiographer/Sonographer.

( *Full details on an ’email of agreement’ can be found in the terms & conditions: section 10 – under: FOR the radiography/Sonography/related practices or companies, URGENT or RANDOM positions)



[Days may or may not be consecutive / may be completely random with no pattern]


$230.00  – for any single day  ie: same day/ next day/ any random day ahead.

$110.00 – for any other day there after.




What will the Clinic receive from ‘Find a Radiographer’ after payment?

(1) An Email of confirmation from the Radiographer/ Songrapher, that they agree to come in for the specified day/s to cover.

(2) An Email containing the Radiographer/ Sonographers: CV / Graduation Certificate/ Proof of current registration with APHRA / ASAR.


Requesting a particular type of Radiographer/Sonographer?

Within the request form there is an opportunity to specify anything you wish          eg: years of experience, MRI qualified, CT scan qualified. etc.


What measures does Find a Radiographer take to help ensure that the Radiographer or Sonographer is ready to “fill in” at short notice?

When the Radiographer or Sonographer registers to be on the sms contact listing for urgent or random positions, they need to agree to the following, terms & conditions:

  • I need to have my graduation certificate/ CV and any other work experience details up to date & ready to access, incase I’m notified urgently & potentially required to work in the next 1- 2 hours.
  • I need to notify ‘Find a Radiographer’ whenever my days off/ availability changes.
  • The above is reinforced when Find an Radiographer speaks personally to all Radiographers/Sonographers who register on this website, when a welcome call is made.